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Helen A. Murray Canvas Art

Updated: Aug 19, 2018

Helen A. Murray canvas art works
Helen A. Murray canvas art works

Throughout the ages, people have learned many ways to express themselves properly in order to send a message to others or to express their opinion. Art is just one of them, but it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most complex messages to read through. Artists tend to use their work when they want to present a certain image of reality to the world the way they see it and oftentimes it’s pretty straightforward and direct. But, then, there are also some artists who have learned to use the abstract and the shapeless to express their realistic views because, well, sometimes reality is best presented through fantasy.

Helen A. Murray canvast art work

Now, to introduce myself properly: my name is Helen Alex Murray and I am a talented young woman with an art studio located in Vancouver, Canada. I grew up surrounded by the beauty of the mountains and the ocean, which greatly influenced my creations later on. After graduating in Toronto and after years of inadequate choices, I finally realized that, no matter where I go and no matter what I do, I cannot run away from my love of creating art. That is why I made a solid decision to focus on the thing that makes me feel most alive and make it a long-term profession – and no one’s complaining!

Helen A. Murray canvast art work

The thing that captures your attention in these art pieces is the depth to which all the colors and patterns go. None of my paintings are defined and concrete, but they all carry natural vibes, meaning that nature and all its children play a grand role as my influences. I also like to mix those same natural calm vibes with raging and exploding emotions by using strong colors on top of peaceful patterns. In fact, the type of work I do varies depending on the mood I’m in, but my creations are nevertheless flawless and hypnotizing.

Helen A. Murray Art work

On my website, you will find a gallery full of pieces impossible to look away from. You will be guided through the elegant, clean lines of the Francais Collection, then you will explore the deep waters of the Fluidity Collection, and finally, you will be taken into the cloudy colors and patterns of the Precipitate Collection. By using my elegance, keen eye, and passionate nature as tools, I am capable of creating pieces that can fit into any kind of living or working space. So, what are you waiting for? Order your painting now and witness the therapeutic effect of a young creative mind from Vancouver.


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