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Helen Alex Murray is a Vancouver based fluid abstract artist. Her modern paintings are motivated by moments of overlapping feelings and contrasting moods. Her paintings attempt to resize the overwhelming and the complicated into manageable bursts of expression. Her use of colour layering and movement brings her work greater complexity. The resulting expanse of colours and shapes is often contrasted by beds of white, using glossy metallic and mother of pearl elements to finish the images.


Helen first started painting at the Shadbolt Centre in Burnaby, BC, and was chosen to join the ranks in their selected Young Artists program where she participated in small group showings and solo exhibits. Helen then moved to Toronto, and later Los Angeles until she finally came back home to Vancouver, BC to be inspired by the ocean and mountains of the West Coast.


Helen now paints professionally out of East Side Studios and occasionally does demonstrations at Opus stores around the lower mainland. Let her paintings chase the shadows and trace the light in your life.

Helen Studio Insta (14) 2.jpeg
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